Advantages and disadvantages of wine

Wine as we all know is one of the most popular beverages made from the fermenting grapes. They are generally divided in two types the white wine and the red wine. Wine is usually stored in a bottle or a box.

Box wine is the bag of wine made of aluminum and protected by a box made of a standard cardboard box. However we all very well know that alcohol is very harmful if one gets addicted. The fact is that alcohol addiction can even lead to the death of a person. The recent study says that the alcohol can be beneficial if consumed in little quantities. The research has even proved that two glasses of red wine in a day can do wonders to ones health. You must be very much surprised that red wine can be good for your health. But it is scientifically proven and is the real fact. The important area were alcohol drinking is actually very beneficial is the realm of heart disease. Drinking a little alcohol can lower the risk of getting a heart stroke or a heart attack. This is proved with the example of the population of France.

French people are famous to have a high fat diet but they never have any heart problems. Doctors found out that this is so because French people compulsorily drink red wine with their meals which lowers the risk of heart attacks or heart strokes. Some of the important benefits of red wine are firstly, that they reduce the risk of death from nearly all the causes. The studies form the European countries have proved that moderate consumption of red wine has protective effect on all cause mortality. Secondly, the intake of red wine will reduce the bad effects of smoking. Thirdly, red wine has a very low level of protein fibrinogen which helps in blood cloth formation. Fourthly, red wine prevents the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis that is the hardening of the arteries. Fifthly, drinking two glasses of red wine with every meal will reduce the post meal blood pressure in hypertensive people. Red wine drinking also reduces the risk of kidney stone formation.

However the benefits have been narrowed down about the alcohol consumption researchers are not that very sure as to what quantity of the wine is actually beneficial. Some say that it is the presence of flavonoids and many other antioxidants that has a great effect on ones body. To find out more about the benefits of wine the researchers are working on the different grapes and the grape juices. The people around the world are very happy after hearing about the benefits of the red wine. But it is still not scientifically proved. So before going in do consult your family doctor to know how it will affect your body system. Researchers are trying to find out whether it is the red wine that is beneficial or the components which it has that are good for ones health.

5 Responses to Advantages and disadvantages of wine

  1. ashtikar rajesh says:

    you didn’t mention the disadvantages of red wine clearly expecting ur reply

    • Sadanandan V. A. says:

      Explanation on benifits of RED WINE is satisfactory. Then what about disadvantage of RED WINE?


  2. big MC says:

    I will love 2 know the main disadvantages of drinking red wine .thanks hope to here frome you soonest .

  3. There are many advantages and disadvantages of wine , the main advantage is it prevent from cancer , it reduces heart attack.
    If anybody drink it too much then it will be harmful to his/her body this is the disadvantage of it

  4. praveen says:

    Hi i want to know the demerits of red wine awaiting for ur reply

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