Wine types

Wine is the one of the most renowned and essential beverages in the world. Good food and good wine go hand in hand. Wine plays an important role in some functions, special occasions, ceremonies, parties, and rituals. You can select good wines only when you have some experience of drinking wine for years. It does not matter what kind of food you eat as long as you select a good wine which is very tasteful.

All the countries are permitted to prepare their own types of wine depending on their cultures, customs, society, geographical conditions, and other unique factors. As a consequence, numerous wine types came into existence throughout the world. Hence, these wine types are differentiated according to the process involved while preparing it.

White wine

White wine is one of the most common styles of the wine. White wine is simply a fermented grape juice, which is the main constituent of wine. You may think that the wine is white in appearance but it is not, it is only clear in appearance. The taste, quality, and fragrance of the white wine depend on the type of grapes, appellation, and the styles of the wine making by the winemaker.

Red wine

Red wine is another common wine type. This red wine is also prepared like how we prepare the white wine with fermented grape juice but only the skin of the grapes are not removed during fermentation, which makes the color of the wine red. This wine is prepared through a process called maceration.

Blush wine

Blush wine is another wine type, which is generally called as rose wine. This blush wine is prepared by removing the skins of the grapes in the middle of the fermentation. This can also be prepared by combining both red wines and white wines.

Table wine

Table wine is another wine type. When the wine is served along with meals it is called as table wine. Table wines are categorized as white, red, or rose. In US, table wine contains less than 14% of alcohol. The cheapest and lightest wine is the table wine in Europe. Indeed, label of the table wine will not have information regarding the usage of the grape variety and the region it was produced.

Sparkling wine

Another wine type is sparkling wine. Sparkling wines are most well known champagnes. These are prepared naturally from fermentation or forced injected and these have carbon dioxide in them. Fermentation is done twice during preparation of sparkling wine. Firstly, all the carbon dioxide is allowed to escape into the air in an open container. Secondly, it is sealed in a container so that the gas remains in the wine.

Dessert wine

Among the wine types, dessert wine is one. These types of wines are sweet in taste and are normally drunk after meals in desserts. Sugar content is 50 to 500 grams per liter of dessert wine.

Fortified wine

Fortified wine is last type of wine type. Fortified wines are sweeter and more alcoholic than other wines. The fermentation process is stopped with addition of a spirit like brandy or by more spirit may be added after fermentation.

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